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Business Set-Up

We also formulate all secondary contracts and offer The customer has an additional service such as visits to governmental bodies and institutions as required by the activity Designated investment processing company headquarters and coordinate meetings with a representative of financial institutions Government agencies, as the case may be, obtain any necessary approval to attend the investor And the formalities required for its establishment. We are distinguished by the completion of all registration and establishment of companies to investors according to the time frame It is agreed in advance as we represent our clients in all government departments, judicial and councils Professional arbitration and expert knowledge.


Adaal Law Office is specialized in registration and establishment Companies in the free zones and outside in every country and provide the promoters a lot of effort And funds when establishing and doing business with accuracy and speed in Achievement and proposals for compliance with the requirements of the work of companies in the country according to the foundations Controls and law and prepare all documents and liabilities for corporate registration and names Business to get the necessary approval.

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