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Legal Consultant in Dubai , In relation to the urban development in the UAE in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular New types of contractual and rental disputes have emerged arising from breach of any of the parties Its obligations in the contract signed between the developer and the investor on the one hand or between the developers as well as between Migrants and Traders Our legal team members are dedicated to dealing with those The developments were reflected in the provision of consultancy in the field of real estate and construction issues Sales documents, disclosure, joint property data, land development and infrastructure We have developed excellent relationships with experts, construction professionals and arbitrators We have gained the legal capacity of scientific and practical views.

The experience of our office in the rules and guanyin real estate industry has provided you with the accumulated experience to offer Consultations, submission and evaluation of all disputes before specialized and specialized authorities To resolve the dispute between the parties amicably through settlements and to register legal warnings before To take any procedures to end the registration of claims in the courts of different state or arbitration centers International.

Criminal Lawyer in Dubai

We are committed to providing sound legal services in the criminal litigation to our Client irrespective of whether they are a victim or accused persons. It is your right to have a legal advice, and it is our professional duty to defend you to the best of our knowledge. We represent our clients in all stages of criminal proceedings, including representation in Police Stations, Public Prosecution, Courts of First Instance, Courts of Appeal, Dubai Court of Cassation and the UAE Federal Supreme court.
  • Bounced cheque complaints.
  • Charges of Assault such as Murder, Armed aggression, and Libel suits etc
  • Financial charges such as Fraud, Insolvency, Breach of trust etc.
  • Cases related to drugs such as Drug trafficking, possessing and using.
  • Charges of intoxication while driving, Human rights violation complaints
  • Crimes of dishonesty eg, Theft, Fraud, Conspiracy, Obtaining pecuniary advantage etc
  • Crimes of violence, Sexual abuse allegations.
  • International Tax evasion cases, Rehabilitation cases.
Commercial lawyer in Dubai

We represent our clients in all types of commercial cases including but not limited to contractu-al and tortuous liability disputes, intellectual property protection, corporate-related disputes, real estate, insolvency, liquidation, partner withdrawal. We also provide corporate legal protection from business risks, including the registration of a real property in the United Arab Emirates, drafting commercial agreements, business incorporation agreements and relevant memorandums of understanding.

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